Hair Growth & Thickness Organic Lotion 100ml

Hair Growth & Thickness Organic Lotion 100ml


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Reduces hair loss and accelerates hair growth. Visible results from the first weeks of application.
A natural formula that acts directly on the scalp for more hair mass and accelerated hair regrowth. A non-greasy, non-sticky and residue-free texture..


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Les bienfaits de notre produit

Thanks to its fortifying substances, the lotion slows down hair loss and accelerates hair regrowth. Hair Growth & Thickness by Biopousse® is the right combination of ingredients selected for their softness and effectiveness. The combination has been meticulously studied for a visible result after a few days of application. Hair Growth & Thickness by Biopousse® is an old-fashioned recipe studied with new control technologies, proving the effectiveness of a treatment such as ours, a treatment that respects the balance of the scalp.

With its concentration of natural and organic active ingredients, Hair Growth & Thickness by Biopousse® provides you with the necessary benefits to revitalize your scalp which is constantly attacked by certain products (surfactants, …) when it is not subject to the aggressions related to our lifestyles (stress, …). Hair Growth & Thickness by Biopousse® allows you to quickly recover stronger, shinier and softer hair.


Hair Growth & Thickness by Biopousse® slows down hair loss and accelerates hair regrowth thanks to its fortifying substances.

Conseils d’utilisation

Apply 10 to 15 sprays every evening directly to the scalp. The application in frictions supports the penetration of the active ingredients. The texture of Biopousse® Hair Growth & Thickness is non-greasy, non-sticky and residue-free and does not require rinsing.


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*ingredients from organic farming. ** odoriferous substance naturally present in essential oils.

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10 reviews for Hair Growth & Thickness Organic Lotion 100ml

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    I don’t usually like the idea of leaving something on my hair overnight, but I cannot even tell it’s there. It has no odor which I like. I am growing my hair out after chemo and I’m so excited about this product!

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    I rarely re-order hair care products, but I had to get a second bottle of that one, because it works! I have thin hair, and also dealt with hair loss post pregnancy. This product does what is promised to do, but what I really love about it – it’s texture! Unlike some leave in products, this doesn’t make hair greasy and goes unnoticeable after application, while still doing the job. Became my ‘must have’ product

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    I’ve only been using this for a few weeks (and not very consistently as I haven’t gotten used to the new routine yet) but I’ve already noticed significantly less shedding when I take a shower. Even if this doesn’t help thicken or regrow my hair, that’s already a pretty huge thing. But I’m optimistic about this being all it claims to be if I keep using it!

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    I been so depressed over my hair loss, and felt so helpless as to how to fix this problem.
    I stumbled across this product, and hands down the best decision for my hair, ever!

    People who know me and saw my hair loss were amazed, asking how I grew my hair back, and how I did it so fast?!?! Literally in like a month, time.

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    I am a nurse and all my coworkers were so impressed, many of them bought it right away.

    Then, there is my one coworker, who never spends a dime on herself. But always for her children and husband.

    She would constantly talk about my hair regrowth and how she wants the product so badly.

    First of all, I can’t believe this item is as cheap as it is, with such outstanding results!!

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    My hair was thinning and shedding out so I started to use this lotion. Within one month, my hair was feeling thicker, started growing in length, and the thinning and shedding calm down a lot.

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    I have been using the Biopousse in the past 2 months and recently ordered more to maintain my youthfully thick hair. I lost a lots of hair and almost became balding. This product has helped me grow back my hair, especially the front hair line.

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    I just took a chance in buying this based on the reviews. It works. My co-worker noticed it before I did. I have less bald spot.

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    I just took a chance in buying this based on the reviews. It works. My co-worker noticed it before I did. I have less bald spot.

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    I have lots of strands of hair but my hair is so fine that it feels rather thin overall. This stuff is so awesome and I feel like I am seeing results already after a few weeks. It is easy to apply and lightweight. I apply it before bed and it does not make my hair feel extra oily or greasy matted in the morning.

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