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Celebrity Hairstylist & Professional Haircolorist

Can you explain what your job is ?

I have been a Professional Hairdresser for many years and I know a lot about hair products.

I am extremely picky about the products I apply to my clients. I have worked with many brands with the objective of offering the best result for my clients.

Have you used the Biopousse lotion? Have you noticed a result on your clients?

I have seen quick results, mostly after only 3 weeks. This rapidity surprised me. I was surprised both by the mass effect at the roots and by the speed of growth.
I used the Biopousse lotion on my own mother’s hair (see testimonial), after only a few days her hair grew well.

Then, concerning hair loss, thanks to Biopousse, she had much less hair loss, it started to decrease very strongly compared to before. And as far as hair growth is concerned, she gained several centimeters in a little more than a month whereas before it took 3-4 months.