General Sales Conditions

General Sales Conditions

Article 1 : Preamble

These general sales conditions exclusively apply to Biopousse, LLC Boulevard Louis Mettewie 473, Bte2 – 1080 Brussels – Belgium (referred to from now on as “we” or “us”) and all people visiting or making purchases on the website (referred to from now on as “you”). All people visiting our website or stores may read our general sales conditions on our website (referred to from now on as “the website”). These general sales conditions may be subject to modifications, and the applicable conditions are those that are current on the website on the date of placing your order or your purchase.

Article 2 : Produits

Products governed by these general sales conditions are those on the website, those provided in stores and those indicated as sold and sent by BIOPOUSSE®. They are sold while supplies last. The features of products sold (photographs and descriptions) are for information purposes and may vary with time. Features and imagery are non-binding. .

Article 3 : Contract

3.1 Conditions to place an order
You are over the age of 18 and have the legal capacity or have parental consent to place an order or make an in-store purchase.
3.2 Stages of Entering into the Contract
After you place your order, you will receive an email with information about your order. This email will inform you of your order’s registration..
Each order entails your full adherence to these general sales conditions.

Article 4 : Prix, disponibilité et livraison

Prices listed on the website are indicated in Euros, all included taxes and other applicable taxes, not including shipping, handling, and gift wrapping fees. Your order will be accepted while supplies last. Each item on the website is normally in stock. Deliveries are made to the address indicated by the customer at the time that the order is placed. The maximum delivery time for your order is 15 days. The delivery time indicated during the order registration is approximate and not guaranteed. If one or more ítems in your order are unavailable, we will inform you as soon as possible. Despite regular verifications made on our website, it is possible that there could be a product on our website with an incorrect price. However, these are verified through our order processing: if the price is lower than that listed on our website, your item will be sent to you at the lower price. Conversely, if the corrected price is higher than that listed on our website, we will inform you as soon as possible and cancel your order unless you accept the order at a new price.
4.1 Delivery Disputes
Within the scope of a delivery by our specialized transport, we suggest you check your merchandise in front of the delivery person. IMPORTANT :“Subject to Unpacking” does not have any legal value and does not cover you in any way in case of damage that happens after your package is unpacked. Therefore, every item in which the damage is not explicitly and precisely noted on the delivery slip will not be exchanged.
4.2 Mediation
According to article L133-4 of the Consumer Code, in case of dispute, the consumer has recourse to a conventional mediation procedure or any other alternative means of disagreement settlement according to the applicable rules of mediation, all consumer disputes must be filed in writing in advance to customer service before any request for mediation. For more information, customers can contact customer service by email at: regarding the proper delivery of their order or handling a complaint.

Article 5 : Payment

On the website :

You can pay for your order by credit card. Credit cards issued by banks domiciled outside Belgium must be international credit or debit cards. In case of payment by card, the amount for your order is debited when your order is confirmed.

Article 6 : Right to cancellation

The consumer has up to fourteen (14) from the day that the order was received to exercise their right to cancellation without needing to provide reasons or pay penalties, except, when applicable, for return fees. The consumer may override this time period in case they are unable to travel and at the same time would need to use immediate and necessary service for living conditions. In that case, they may exercise their right to cancellation without needing to justify the reason or pay penalties. You may exercise this right on all ítems purchased with them unused and in their original packaging.

Article 7 : Returns

You have up to (14) days starting on the date of receiving your order established by article 6 of these general sales conditions to return the items for any reason. Within the scope of article L 121-21-8 5° of the Consumer Code, this right of cancellation cannot be exercised if the items were unsealed by the consumer after delivery and cannot be returned for hygienic or health protection reasons. If the item delivered does not match your order or was damaged during transport, please contact us by filling out the form on the page “Customer Service,” “Package Received.” If your receive a damaged product or a product that does not match your order, you will be required to send a photo, and we will send you a replacement product or provide you with a full refund of the item in your order. The exchange or refund will be made after receiving the damaged product in their original packaging.

Article 8 : Retention of Title

Our company expressly reserves the right to the property of delivered merchandise until the full payment of the principal is received and interest if applicable. Merchandise will remain Biopousse property until full payment is received, but the buyer will become responsible for it upon physical delivery with the transportation of the possession entailing risks.

For all issues with the shipping provider (damaged package, not received, lost, delivery dispute), a certificate of non-ownership must be filled out to handle your complaint. In the event of non-delivery, you must state this to our company. In case of non-substantial differences between the photos, text, and illustrations of our products on our website, and the ítems ordered, we will not be held responsible for these differences. We use all means available to us to ensure the display of the ítems that are the subject of these general sales conditions. We are responsible for all direct and foreseeable damage at the time of the use of the Site or entering into the sales contract between you and us. Under no circumstances will we be liable for losses of business, profits, data, or loss of earnings or any other indirect damage that was not foreseeable at the time of using this site or entering into the sales contract between you and us. The liability limitation established above is not applicable in cases of willful misrepresentation or very serious misconduct on our part in cases of bodily harm or liability due to faulty products.

Article 10 : License to Access the Site

We grant you a limited license to access and use our site for your personal use. This license does not under any circumstances allow you to use, for sale or other commercial use, this site or its content (products listed, descriptions, price, downloading or copying information on behalf of another retailer, use of data, software, audio samples, graphics, images, text, photos, tools.) Under no circumstances are you authorized to download or modify any or all parts of this site without our express written authorization. Under no circumstances can any part of this website be copied, reproduced, sold, or used for commercial purposes without our express written authorization. You may not use any method allowing you to copy any logo, label, or any other type of information (specifically images, text, or mock-ups) that are Biopousse property without our express written authorization. You may not use meta-tags or any other type of hidden text with our name, brand, or that of any of our group’s companies without our express written authorization. All unauthorized use will terminate the license that we have granted you. Creation of a hypertext link directing the user to our site home page must be done after receiving our express written authorization. Under no circumstances will we be liable for the creation and content of your site of said hypertext link, for any reason. All use of our logo, brand, or graphics on your site require our express written authorization.

Article 11 : Personal data protection

We are committed to protecting your personal information. All personal information that we collect is treated with the strictest confidentiality according to the provisions of our personal data protection policy

All litigation related to the existing business relationship between you and us is subject to the sole competence of Belgian jurisdictions.

Article 13 : Identification

This website belongs to:

Biopousse, LLC

Boulevard Louis Mettewie 473, Bte2 – 1080 Brussels – Belgium
TVA: BE 0751.535.214

Telephone: +32 (0) 470.11.54.74

If you believe any content on our website is likely to infringe on your intellectual property rights or if you have a question about our website, you may write us.

If you believe any content on our website is likely to infringe on your intellectual property rights or if you have a question about our website, you may write us.

Article 14 : Anti-Fraud

Within the context of our fight against fraud and to ensure that our packages are delivered successfully, we must use different automatic verifications on the information provided, such as contact information for billing, delivery, and bank information. To confirm your order and so we can send it in a timely manner, we may request proof of address as well as a copy of your ID.

Article 15 : Privacy Policy

Data collection

Data collected on the website by our sales consultants are strictly for internal use by Biopousse. All personal information collected is necessary for:
– fulfilling the contract that we have entered into with you (ex : delivery orders placed on our website
– Providing services that you have requested from us (ex : newsletter…)
– Fulfillment of legal obligations (ex : invoicing)
They are saved for the time necessary for these purposes.
They cannot be sent to external service providers except for the aforementioned purposes or within the scope of securing our tools.
We may use certain “profiling” techniques when we send you or post links or personalized information. It is a form of automated personal information processing consisting of using this information to evaluate certain aspects of the person in question, analyzing or predicting their interest, their behavior and other attributes, particularly personal preferences, interests, behavior, location, and movements of that physical person.
We consolidate our data and then analyze it to predict your personal preferences and/or interests.
This analysis allows us to send or post links and/or content tailored to your interests/needs.
You have the right to object to this profiling by contacting our data protection representative.
Data protection representative
Biopousse complies with the new European data protection legislation (RGPD). A data protection representative has been designated and may be reached at:
Your rights
You have the right to object to all commercial prospecting by contacting our data protection representative whose contact information is indicated above.
You may request for your personal information to be deleted when it is inexact, incomplete, incorrect, or expired or when the collection, use, communication, or storing is prohibited and withdraw your consent to collecting your personal information at any time when handling your personal information requires your consent.
Finally, you have the right to the portability and transmission of your personal information to another person responsible since:
– That you have communicated with yourself since the handling is based on your consent or a contract
– Handling and processing is done through automated processes
Specific Provisions
Deleting your personal information will entail the deletion of your rewards account in our sales points and the website