Directions for Use – Shampoo


Simply wet your hair, rub the bar across your scalp and lather!

The Biopousse® shampoo bar is a solid and ecological alternative to liquid shampoos. It lasts a long time and is environmentally friendly since it is not presented in plastic containers. In addition, the Biopousse® shampoo bar is a great idea for traveling because it is strong and compact.


Wet hair in the shower

Wet your hair well, the damper it is, the easier it is to apply shampoo.


Wet solid shampoo

Lightly wet your Biopousse® shampoo and lather it by rubbing it in your hands to facilitate application.


Rub on the scalp

Once the soap has foamed in the hands, rub it directly on the top of the head and on the lengths.


Apply to the hair

Lightly massage the hair and scalp.


Rinse hair in the shower

Rinse your hair until all the shampoo is removed.